Semi Mature Tree Planting & Relocation

Civic Trees has been supplying, handling, planting and relocation mature and semi-mature trees for over 50 years.

We work with leading producers to source a wide variety of trees, allowing us to provide for the most extensive enquiries. All trees supplied are purpose grown in nurseries specialising in large and semi-mature trees and are provided as ‘rootballed’ or ‘container grown’ specimens.

We believe that a tree is only as good as the way it is handled, planted and maintained. Ground preparation, secure fixing and aftercare is crucial to the successful establishment of any tree.

From courtyards to country estates, a single specimen tree to an entire avenue, trees from four metres tall are supplied and guaranteed.

For those involved in project design and specification, we provide a consultancy service which includes:

  • Species choice and site suitability
  • Plant availability
  • Plant procurement
  • Tree pit design
  • Aftercare regimes

We use industry leading techniques to successfully relocate trees under a variety of circumstances. subject to local authority approval, event trees covered by Tree Preservation orders can be relocated.


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