Utility Arboriculture

Glendale is one of the UK’s premier tree care specialist offering a complete, professional tree management service.

With over two decades of experience delivering utility arboricultural works in the southwest, our services are based on the highest standards of safety, technical knowledge, ability and teamwork.

All of Glendale’s utility arborists hold NPTC UA Certificates of Competency in Arboriculture as a minimum requirement and meet industry standards for overhead line safety clearance.

Our surveyors must hold relevant NPTC Utility Arboriculture Surveyor certificates, a LANTRA Basic Tree Survey and Inspection qualification and a relevant 3 arboriculture or forestry qualification.

Our services include:

  • Expert tree surgery – tree pruning, crown raising, thinning, reduction, felling and dismantling
  • Dangerous tree removals
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Preparation and delivery of outages for tree cutting
  • Vegetation management to achieve required line clearance
  • Vegetations surveys, environmental impact and site specific risk assessments
  • Chemical application for re-growth management
  • Removal of growth from poles
  • Inform and obtain permissions from customers, landowners and Statutory Authorities to carry out work
  • Repairing and replacement work including old cables, poles, stays and guards